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     For those of you that are feeling a calling to learn how to heal, communicate, or want understanding classes are available.  Classes can be held where you are, call to discuss scheduling.

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           Do you want a whole healing of your mind, spirit, and body? Do you want to understand your animals perspective of what is going on? Or where your animal is in need of healing work to better improve their life and training? Want to clear away disease, unease, and be ready to enjoy life. Are you ready to clear your home, land, pets, workspace, business, or children and begin your whole healing experience?

A number of people have been asking me what's the next step beyond, or adding to their modalities, including Reiki. They describe a desire to get to a different level and unsure of which direction to take. There have also been questions about how to get started with energy work, too.


    Many of you have heard me talk about my experience with the Melchizedek Method, or watch me work on your animals, classes are now offered. This workshop does introduce students to a 5th dimensional healing method, however it also involves a lot of clearing, which makes it applicable to anyone.  No previous energy work experience required, just a willingness to awaken more fully to your consciousness.



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Feel free to check out pubmed.gov (Comprises more than 26 million citations for biomedical literature including journals, MEDLINE, and full text studies)  





Please explore the clearing page and find which healing modality resonates with you. Discriptions are on each page

Red Light Therapyforarm burn Light

Melchizedek Method Healing

Structural Intergration

Grid Work

5th Dementional Body Healing

Tuning Fork Healing

 Sessions with Katherine are created for you. By going to the root of the issue you will be clearing yourself to allow a full whole body healing.  90% is getting through the door.... get ready for your whole healing! 

Humans:  Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Bursitis, Nerve Damage, Paralysis, ACL, Pre/Post Surgery, Colic (infants), teething, Thyoid, MRSA, and More. 


Animals: Hyoid Reseting, Hock, Stifle, EPM, Colic, Nervousness, Founder, HYPP, Thyroid,Arthritis, and More.



Want your own red light?  Classes available to support ongoing learning of how to use your own light. Order on the Red Light Therapy page. 



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