About Katherine


profile pic tavishKatherine's journey into healing arts started with animal communications. Healing animals has come naturally to Katherine and with the help of Concious Rebirth University and Rachel Bleau's programs she has been able to deepen and refine techniques. Katherine practices Melchizedek Method Healing, Grid Work, Clearing, and Red Light therapy. Most often you can find Katherine in the barn with her horses and students in the riding ring, which is not just for riding....

" I have studied under the guidance of many different equine trainers, utilizing the positive training principles to build a responsive relationship for horse and rider.  I believe in the philosophy that the team is continually, effectively, and skillfully communicating with the each other. Always together, working toward the attainable goal(s) that the student and I have set.  The student  becomes the natural leader in the relationship, yet sometimes a humble student of the horse too! Consistency in the team is key to enhancing the horse and rider to further their abilities and education using natural aids, not artificial ones. Healing the horse and rider are just as important as the riding and trainig aspect. Each individual team is wonderful to work with and incorporating the element of fun too!"


 Teaching is a passion and purposeful calling to Katherine. She looks forward to working with you and your animals to bring healing to all.