Animal Communications/Healing


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I offer consultations by telephone, in person, groups, and by email for all species of animals. I intuitively communicate with your animal(s) receiving pictures, words, or feelings that help me to describe or tell you what is going on. Animals do not need to be present, a photograph, description, or sometimes just you are enough.  

 Believe, be open, and be willing to be surprised!
Consultations are compassionate and respectful to cultivate healing, harmony, and growth.  My goal is to bridge the gap between human/animal understanding and awareness. 

  Please understand that often times when "talking" to your animal there are things that come up from a long time ago, prior to you being the owner.  Requests made by the animals are noted but I do not always advise that they are followed; for example my horse wants to not have a cinch, and frankly when I ride with a saddle I do need a cinch, but we have come to the agreement that it is to be tightened until he gives me a signal.  This would go for some that have asked for lighter bits, it might not be the bit that should be changed but the hands of the rider are to become more aware.Harry hairy

Improve Training  

Find out from your animal why you are not progressing in training and what you need to do to shift the situation. Possibly the animal might want a different que, or direction to go in! Find out from the animals point of view why things are "scary" too.

Solve Behavior Problems

See things from your animal's point of view and discover any unmet needs that might be at the heart of a behavior problem. I have helped in many types of behavior problems including fear, aggression, unwanted or unexplained behaviors, and separation anxiety. Based on what your animal tells me, I then tell you everything I know that you can try out to help resolve the situation.

Help Animals During Death and Beyond

When your animal is in the process of dying, animal communication can help you find out what your animal wants and needs. It makes the dying process much less traumatic. I am also able to communicate with the spirit of an animal who has died, even if it was a long time ago.


Healing Sick or Injured Animals

Red Light Therapy is able to help with many different ailments that have been deemed "incurable".  Red Light Therapy  please click to link to the left to see the Q&A section about Red Light Therapy. 

Get help with sick or injured animals. I ask how the animal is feeling physically and get the animal's perspective on a physical problem. Then I scan the animal's body (using intuition) to get impressions about the animal's condition. Finally, I discuss the animal's emotional state and life situation to determine whether there is an emotional component to the physical problems the animal is experiencing. This process, also known as medical intuition, is not a substitute for veterinary medical care. Methods for assisting your healing are discussed on a case by case basis. I work closely with local vets too. Please don't hesitate to arrange a vet visit while I'm also working on your animal. 


Find Lost Animals

Get assistance in finding a lost animal. When I contact a lost animal I try to find out what happened, where she is and whether she is still alive. I strive to get specific details about the distance, direction and visual markers.

 Would you like to host a group or clinic at your facility/house? If so please contact Katherine to arrange a time and place. Groups need to be minimum of 5 people, and can be done in a morning session, afternoon, or evening.
  Fees/ Payment (See Shop to purchase)

I ask for payments to be received before readings because many times people have chosen not to pay after a reading has been done over the phone. I understand and know that your pets are important and that the sooner the better does apply, that is why MasterCard and Visa are an accepted form of payment.

Rate: $38/half hour; $75/hr. (Private)
Unlimited number of animals
Fee for Lost Animal Cases: $85/flat fee
Located at:
65 Washington St N, Auburn, ME
Available to travel to your home, business, or barn.

Travel Fee: for locations greater
 than 30 minutes distant from Monmouth, ME