Land Clearing


Land Clearings:walk in the woods

 Clearing the land will consist of setting a grid, moving any energy that is not needed or wanted on the land, if there are any lost souls Katherine will educate these lost souls, carefully helping them and guiding them. Then she'll release them into the White Light to further their spiritual advancement to The Other Side.  Katherine ends each clearing and cleansing with a vibrational spiritual prayer to remove all negative energy within the etheric atmosphere on the land.

Katherine does not need to talk to you on the phone, email or visit your home or land in order to do the clearing, cleansing and healing successful. Katherine will make a spiritual connection with your home, the land, its surroundings  and any entities that are there and will clear it, cleanse it and remove all negative energy from within it. This will leave your home and land spiritually refreshed, full of positive energy and free of earthbound entities.


 Land clearing is $120 per session, this may take up to two hours.