House Clearing


Do you or anyone else within your home experience any of the following:house

Are you about to move into a new home or have just recently moved in a new home?

Is there a great sense of negative energy in your home or in the area where you live?

Do areas of the land where your home is make you feel uncomfortable?

Does your home have extremely high paranormal activity levels?

Do orbs almost always show up in your pictures?

Unusual feelings of being cold, chilled even when the thermometer tells you the room temperature is normal?

Strange unexplained sounds in the night, such as music, voices or knocking?

Feeling a presence, even when you know you are alone?

A room, space or place feeling cold, dark or depressing for no apparent reason

Experiencing human activity where there is none

Inexplicable instances of objects moving, disappearing or appearing

Lights and electrically powered objects going on or off



Katherine will assist these lost souls, carefully helping them and guiding them. Then she'll release them to further their spiritual assention process to The Other Side. All house clearing and land cleansing will consist of removal of all earthbound entities plus a thorough clearing of the home and the land.



Katherine does not need to talk to you on the phone, email or visit your home or land in order to do the clearing, cleansing and healing successfully. Katherine will make a spiritual connection with your home, the land, its surroundings  and any entities that are there and will clear it, cleanse it and remove all negative energy from within it. This will leave your home and land spiritually refreshed, full of positive energy and free of earthbound entities.

Sessions are by appointment only.  Email [email protected] or call 207-441-5071