Workspace/Business Clearing


 Work Place/ Business Energy Clearingoffice

Cleaning the carpet is important, but clearing your space of negative emotional debris may be more important to your profits. Workplace hostility is a nightmare for the employer and for clients or patients. When your employees bring their problems to the office they infect other employees attitudes and demeanor. Clear the air, clear the space of lingering energy, and see renewal in your profits.


reasturateClearing the professional office/business space of negative energy s a great way to make sure you are able to remain productive in the workforce.   When your office is experiencing chaos and your profits are down, you need to clear your work space of negative energy.


Cost for business clearing is $120 this may take up ttwo no hours. 

Katherine does not need to talk to you on the phone, email or visit your home or land in order to do the clearing, cleansing and healing successfully. Katherine will make a spiritual connection with your home, the land, its surroundings  and any entities that are there and will clear it, cleanse it and remove all negative energy from within it. This will leave your home and land spiritually refreshed, full of positive energy and free of earthbound entities. However, arranging it so KathErnie can be present is best.