Healing Children


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Children feel their pain on the inside, and sometimes it never goes away. Their immaturity makes them vulnerable to the wilful or unintentional pain and suffering inflicted upon them by adults, and this can stay with them for the rest of their lives, whether this comes from their parents or others outside the immediate family. Not knowing where to turn means children must accept it, without argument, for lack of knowing who to tell or trust. It's not unusual for children to conclude that this pain is normal for everyone, especially if they have put up with it for some time. Not given the opportunity of release, children turn inwards, putting on a brave face, and often lose the will or the means to express what it is that's troubling them.

It is so easy to hurt children without realizing it. And, I'm sure you all think I'm talking about abuse. Verbal, physical, mental and emotional. Well, yes, I'm talking about all those things, but children can also suffer terribly for lots of other reasons. I'll give you a few examples that you might not have thought of:

  • The death of a grandparent. We may be hurting at the loss of one of our parents, and it's easy to forget in our grief, that our children loved them too. It's important not to shut them out, even though our own grief may be all consuming.
  • Death of a friend or pet? To a child, death means never seeing that living thing again. In those circumstances, the emotional loss of an animal may prove to have the same significance, or even surpass that, of a more distant family member.
  • Bullying. It saps a child's self-confidence and sometimes it hurts. The time honoured tradition of not spillng it on others, may place an intolerable burden on a child. For one, it ensures that the bullying goes on for much longer than is necessary. Psychologically that can be quite damaging, especially when a child sees that this type of behaviour is not delt with by school staff.
  • Not performing well at school, or not as well as the rest of the class, can snowball out of control, so that in a very short time, any child can become so far behind in class that they give up, or find it very difficult to catch up.
  • Fear of the dark. How many of us were afraid of the boogieman? More than we would like to admit, I'll bet! More to the point, how many of us still find the hair stands up on our necks when we're suddenly plunged into darkness? Don't you wish you could have dealt with this when you were a child?
  • Fear of animals often when children are fearful of animals there is a deeper reasoning. This is where communication with both the animal and the child/ren is very 


Spiritual Healing is a very gentle way of giving your child the energy to cope with their anxiety, an ability to express themselves, and the means to heal themselves.  We are part of the universe. We are at one with this healing power/ energy/ chi/ ki/ prana/ holy spirit/ light, call it what you like. IT is part of US and WE are part of IT.


Spiritual Healing for Kids Workshop


Spiritual Healing is a complete system of natural healing. It is 100% pure, organic, natural and holistic. Healing works with your whole being on all levels. It is the most primal and basic form of healing available. Everyone has the ability to perform Spiritual Healing and anyone can learn it. It is ideal for children because in the process of learning about it, they learn about their bodies, their inner spirit, their personal power and their connection to the universal life force, which is universal love.


Spiritual Healing can be learned and practiced by children of any age. In fact, we believe that children are even better channels for healing energy because they do not carry a lifetime of “baggage” as many of us do.


Learning Spiritual Healing will enhance and instill in your child a greater sense of generosity, intuition, quietness, compassion, growth, joy, sacred-energy, happiness, love-of-god, self-love, creativity, harmony, loving-kindness, imagination, truth, beauty, goodness, equanimity, inspiration, attachment to nature, understanding, integrity, peace, wisdom and a connection to the Universal Life force, which is universal love.


Children are a very pure and perfect channel for directing universal healing energy. They have not yet fully awakened to the concept of self and ego and therefore, more able to “be” in their healing moments. They rarely attach their own feelings and have a sincere desire to help. They are more awake to their spiritual consciousness. Because they are somewhat newly arrived from the Spiritual realm, they are not weighed down by a lifetime of “earthly baggage” which we as adult healing practitioners work so hard to keep clean of.

 No one can be harmed by Spiritual Healing, as it only cleanses, builds and protects.


Children can perform Spiritual Healing on all forms of life: people, plants, pets, food and water, friends and strangers, young and old… Anything and everyone benefits from it because it is Universal Love. Spiritual Healing does not belong to any religious faith or religious organization. Its approach is universal – it IS universal love.


Practicing Spiritual Healing will teach your children to focus, to practice loving kindness, to develop a self love and awareness, to tap into their own inner powers, to help them to relax and to learn selflessness, where they will be devoted to the welfare and interests of others as well as their own. It will help them move through labels which they may have been given and gain confidence and self esteem. They will be more aware of their special place and purpose on this earth and their sacred connectedness to all living things.