Pendulums 101


PendulumFirst used by Galileo, pendulums have a long history of use in engineering, astronomical measurement, and divination. Pendulums are a valuable tool in all three disciplines. For the purpose of this lesson, we will look at pendulums for the purpose of divination.

Dowsing is another name for using a pendulum. Especially when used to find water, minerals, or anything else within the earth. When we hear this term, many still see within their minds the old image of water dowsers from the movies. No matter what you used your pendulum for; it is important differences in terminology not prevent you from learning. This is a time tested and honored skill. Using this skill can help you find objects and get answers to questions you may have, or confirming directions from your team.

Pendulums are a tool and nothing more. They help you sense the energies that run throughout the entire universe. Scientists cannot accurately measure psychic abilities with their current testing abilities. Testing of psychic abilities within individuals is not always repeatable. For science to accept something as real, they must be able to measure it and the event must be repeatable. Therefore, science does not accept the existence of these energies. Person who have first-hand experience with using psychic energies, understand science does not understand everything within our universe. On a regular basis, scientists are discovering new ways of measuring and recording data. This author believes scientist will soon be able to measure the energies we already know exist.