Animal Communications 101


Animal Communications

Animal Communication Classes:

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 Communications 101

 The 101 Course opens the door to the world of direct interspecies communication. Each additional course offers a giant leap in awareness, communication capacity, and kinship with all life. Prepare to face and clear the blocks that inhibit your telepathic connection and understanding. Focus on your challenges, strengths, aspirations, and inspirations.  Questions and difficulties will be individually addressed. You will be begining a clearing journey for yourself too.

Each modality will allow you to see how balance and harmony can positivly affect the animals' physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being, through acknowledgement, of various stresses like fear, separation anxiety, depression, aggression, surgical recovery, and more.


Please understand the importance that this class is for communication, if you are interested in healing the animals then Animal Healing, and Melchizedek Method classes are needed eventually.