Healing Animals


Healing Animals 101

      Here we will begin by going over what the basics of healing a small or large animals are. There will be techniqes taught to help with animals that you might not be used to working with. How you as a healer can help bridge the gap. 

   Pre-requesits: Melchizedek Levels 1&2 and Animal Communications

Investment: $225 (Deposit of 1/2 is needed  to hold your spot.) 

Time: 9am-3pm 



Day 1:

    There will be classroom discussion and learning with practical applications in the afternoon on small animals. This class we will be looking at goats, dogs, chinchillas, avian, and cats..... how to approach a healing with them. How to get to the root of their problem, the various ways that the small animals communicate their needs to you. 


Harry hairyDay 2:


Arizona snow

  We will meet in the morning going over in more detail large animal healings. In the afternoon there will be healings on large animals. Discussed in this class with be the enviornment that the animal is kept in, training, basic needs, how to handle large animals as a practioner, what the owner's responsibility as a handler during sessions is, reading the animal, and how to find where the issues are coming from that you will be healing. 



What to bring:   Layers of clothing. It can be cooler in the barn than out in the field with the horses. Mud Boots!!! You never know what type of weather we will be having. Hats, sunscreen, bug spray. WATER lots of water for yourself while we are working out in the field.