Melchizedek Levels 1&2


"Thoughts are the essence of human creation, so it would 
seem that thoughts are a medium of travel, manifesting and 
flower of lifehealing. One thought is as powerful as the whole universe. 
One thought. One mind, Unity Consciousness. One thought 
can manifest into an illness or disease. One thought can 
erase it. The power of your mind knows no limit."

A quote by Ascended Master Thoth




The Melchizedek Method Level One is a two day course combined with Level Two over four or more days in total (sometimes presented by facilitators over two consecutive weekends) that teaches and practically demonstrates a revolutionary new form of physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual healing, age-reversal and lightbody activation. 

The Melchizedek Method was gifted to Earth in August 1997 by the great Ascended Master Thoth. According to Thoth this technique was first practised on Earth in the ancient Atlantean times, introduced to man by the Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) within the temples of self-discovery and higher learning. 

The basis of the techniques presented is the activation of the Hologram of Love Merkaba, a rotating lightfield awakening your spherical consciousness. Thismm level 2 raises one's quotient of light vibration within the human atomic cell structure. Once activated, the merkaba assists us in accessing our naturally ascended consciousness state; the healing capabilities of a practitioner are enhanced a hundred-fold. The heart awakens and opens more to unconditional love during healing sessions and this opening continues during your normal life. The tool of the Hologram of Love is a high dimensional active conscious living Divine manifestation that accesses all levels of consciousness. It has the ability to heal and rejuvenate any form of creation as it is the living conscious holographic pattern of God Source vibration.

The Melchizedek Method establishes a constant flow of love energy from your heart to the source of God, and to the heart centre of the Earth. Linking in this way allows you to draw the spiritual energies of God source and Earth together to manifest a high frequency love healing energy that uplifts the human body and etheric bodies into a state of receptivity for healing and rejuvenation. Accessing original thoughtform and emotion is then made possible in this state, and this completes this powerful experience. 

The workshop includes the instructions and practice of all phases of The Melchizedek Method and takes us from healing and teaching as individuals to creating, enacting and radiating as a group. It gives the opportunity to gather with other healers and teachers to share your divinity with each other. Each person is an intricate part of the co-creating process of light, love and healing and together becomes a never before experienced expression of oneness. Each graduate is then able to direct, teach and incorporate all phases of The Melchizedek Method into their own private healing sessions. 

The Melchizedek Method is preventative as well as curative!

The Melchizedek Method demonstrates and teaches the skill of holographically removing any part of the body, outer bodies and thought programming into the higher dimensions to be cleansed and healed, and then returned into the physical completely perfect. Holographic healing and rejuvenation is a skill all human beings will practice in the future, according to Thoth, and will be instrumental in ridding this planet of illness and disease. 

During the workshop, Thoth introduces the Holographic Body Computer through time, space and love. Once you have accessed this holographic body computer, the following is some of what you can expect to work with in the four day workshop:

  • Activating the Hologram of Love 3 Breath Merkaba lightbody 
  • Healing, cleansing rejuvenating the seven outer bodies, nervous system, the heart, blood, immune system, chakras, muscles, bone structure, internal organs, eyes, ears, nose, skin, pineal and pituitary glands and much more
  • We will also learn and work with pulse diagnosis, flow of chi, meridian points, bad habits, abundance consciousness, origins of thoughtforms and emotions, and techniques for body regeneration and age-reversal.
  • The new holographic unity conscious mudra
  • Accessing the time-space continuum through the spine
  • Instant holographic chakra balance
  • Holographic bi-location
  • Encoding the five sacred key languages of Egyptian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan & Chinese through the pineal gland
  • Activating the ancient Egyptian Ankh through the zero point in the body
  • Solar Plexus holographic manifesting technique

A comprehensive manual is inclusive in your workshop fee.

Anyone can learn The Melchizedek Method and successfully be able to practice it immediately! 

This four day course demonstrates how to open one's heart to unconditional love, to serve, heal and enlighten oneself and one another. Each day you will strengthen your skills, and on completing this course you will receive a certificate blessed and honoured during a ceremony by Lord Melchizedek.


The journey through these levels is one of self discovery, self empowerment and the release of old 
belief systems and programs that contain you in a limiting space. This work is very expansive and a 
journey into the limitless universe, unconditional love, non judgment and unity consciousness, a
The Journey continues……………